OSEM Olive Oil

  • RM65.00


is one of the health product with no chemical added. 100% clean with light and soft olive texture will enable consumer to enjoy the great taste and aroma.  It is suitable for all ages for consumption and external use.

1. 100% olive oil with no chemical or preservative added (organic)
2. The olive oil is directly taken from the olive tree to preserve its freshness
3. The olive tree is planted in the clean and pollution free oasis valley
4. The olive product is produced in the oasis valley far away from the sea
5. The olive oil is produced during the first "Cold Press" only

Olive oil contains high anti oxident and vitamin E. It helps to fasten the healing process from any injuries and defects.  The skin texture will remains smooth and soft.

It also helps to stabilize the hormone in the body. Unstabilize hormone is the causes of pimples, eczema and and other skin problems. No pimples occur once the hormone stabilize.

Olive oil helps to retain the skin moisture naturally.

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