100% Australia Swisse Argan Eye Cream 摩洛哥坚果眼霜15ml

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100% from Australia


摩洛哥堅果油富含抗氧化劑,具有抗衰老特性;維生素 K2 有助於減少黑眼圈。咖啡因和瓜拉那有助於緊緻、活顏和收緊眼部皮膚。 98.4% 天然成分。

摩洛哥堅果油: 抗衰老。高級肌膚保濕霜。

維生素 K2: 舒緩。有助於改善膚色和黑眼圈。

咖啡因: 抗氧化劑。有助於鎮靜和緊緻肌膚,減少浮腫。 適用於所有膚質。

貯存: 在低於 28 攝氏度的條件下貯存。

警告: 測試後方可使用。在發生副作用的意外情況下,請諮詢您的醫生。

SWISSE Argan Anti-Aging Eye Cream is a natural, soothing, 3 in 1 eye cream that assists with refining the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Enriched with Argan Oil for its anti-aging properties, Vitamin K2 to help improve the appearance of dark circles, and Caffeine and Guarana to help firm, lift and tighten the eye area.

✓ Suitable for all skin types

✓ Promotes healthy, radiant skin

✓ Made with natural ingredients

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