100% Australia Healthy Care Anti Ageing Gold Flake Face Serum 金箔羊胎素精华液 50ml

  • RM79.00

HC脸部保湿祛皱淡斑 精华 Country of Origin: Australia Expiry: 10/2021 羊胎素能减少脸部细皱纹,光滑柔嫩皮肤、润肤、嫩肤。羊胎素可以改善皮肤质地和整体外观,收敛松弛肌肤并使之恢复弹性,羊胎素好不好也就显而易见了。 挤出来可以看到微闪的金箔颗粒,就像流动的软黄金,涂上脸立马变成水样的质地,超级补水保湿,吸收很快。我是以拍打的方式涂抹,然后再轻捂全脸,感觉脸色会提亮许多!真的是有光泽但完全不油腻!! - A unique dual function anti-aging and moisturising face serum. - Moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin. - It contains multi-bioactive extracts and gold flakes as a unique anti-aging moisturiser with dual functions in both enhancing skin hydration and the prevention of skin water loss. - The rich content of multi-bioactive ingredients stimulates cell renewal and reinforces the epidermal cell structure. - It effectively reduces black spots, wrinkles and fine lines to create a healthier skin from the inside out to improve your natural beauty and radiance on the outside.




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